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Environmental web application development

Since 2018, Atrasol has specialised in the development of environmental web applications. We distinguish ourselves from other developers by our engineering expertise and our knowledge of issues related to soils, material recovery and biomass. This allows us to provide turnkey solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our users.

Our achievements:

Valorising biomass on marginal sites

The first platform developed by Atrasol is the showcase of the FWVl New-C-Land Interreg project, which identifies neglected sites with non-food biomass potential as well as the users of this biomass. The aim is to encourage the development of local industries in the cross-border area. The owners of marginal sites can register on the platform and indicate the characteristics of their site. A decision support tool (DST) can guide the user towards the most suitable crop for his site, based on the information provided.

Optimising the management of excavated soil and granular materials

Following the entry into force of the AGW of 5 July 2018 on the management and traceability of excavated soil, and to meet the needs of the market, we created the platform. Since then, we have been working closely with the non-profit organisation WALTERRE, which is the operator in charge of the certification and traceability of soil in Wallonia.

The platform is the first platform for the management of excavated soil in Wallonia (10 million T each year). It allows you to :

  • finding the most attractive receptor sites for land reclamation (including transport costs),
  • assess greenhouse gas emissions from transport to reduce the carbon footprint
  • manage your database of receiver sites and prices, on tender or in execution
  • manage your sites that can exchange land

You can also post an advertisement on the platform if you want to supply soil, sand or aggregates, or if you need soil.

Recovering metallic materials from metallurgical wastelands

A new platform was created in 2022 within the framework of the NWE-REGENERATIS project, to identify former metallurgical sites and repositories in North-Western Europe, as well as the actors who can contribute to their rehabilitation and/or the recovery of buried resources.

You can register as a site owner/manager, civil engineering contractor, pre-treatment facility operator, environmental service provider or material recoverer (minerallurgist and metallurgist) to appear on the map. The ultimate goal of this platform is to federate a powerful network of actors collaborating for the development of resource recovery projects.

Do you have a specific environmental application to implement? We are available to assist you in your project!

If you need any advice or support, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address: