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Atrasol’s mission is to provide its clients with high value-added advice and customised technical solutions that can be implemented quickly. Atrasol supports its clients in a long-term relationship that benefits both parties.

Atrasol offers expertise in carbon footprinting, circular economy, waste recovery, renewable energy, vulnerability and business resilience. The company also offers services for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of brownfield sites, including soil remediation and containment, as well as the development of software platforms and GIS

Our services

Assistance to the project owner and contractor

Measuring and reducing GHG emissions

Environmental web application development


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General state of Walloon soils 2023. Register now!


Some brownfield sites can be recovered by planting biomass. Find the most suitable crop with the SitesForBiomass application

Refer to the RAWFILL project to check the potential for material recovery.

Get in touch with us, and together we will find the most suitable rehabilitation!

Check the potential for recovery of metals and minerals, see the NWE-REGENERATIS project